18 year old pretends to be a doctor and almost gets away with it???

By Daniella D.

Did you guys hear about the eighteen year old who pretended to be a doctor? I am not even kidding. This is one of the funniest news I heard last week. Seriously, an 18 year old, one who hasn’t even completed college yet, pretending to a doctor? I don’t know if I should call it genius, brave, or stupid. Because let’s face it, you’ll need balls to pretend to have completed med school successfully – to be wearing that lap coat and proudly parading yourself as a professional from one of the toughest professions on earth… Yap, that’ll take balls.

I remember first hearing this news from my sister and laughing in disbelief. I was like…how old-looking is this kid that some actually believed he was legit. I wanted to see the face behind the so-called doctor who pretended to have specialized in lots of fields within the borders of medicine. When I did, I was still left in awe.




Can you believe he didn’t just pretend to be a doctor, but went as far as trying to open his own private practice…twice? Look at his website above..totally believable to some of us with no medical background.

I am still wondering – how did he pull it off?

Didn’t he have to sound smart too? Saying those medical terms correctly??

Personally I think he has some skills that could be utilized if he actually went to school and got his degree? He might have just turned out to be successful – as ambitious and business-minded as he is.

What he did is wrong and it is no surprise it opened up a conversation that rarely makes headlines – one about legitimate doctors; ‘doctors’ that practice medicine without a license.

I think the idea of a teen posing as a doctor just opens our eyes to how easy one can actually pretend to be a doctor and get away with it.

Scary, right??



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