Lovatics Shall Rejoice: Stone Cold Turned Us All to Stones

Demi Lovato released the official video of Stone Cold, a song I’ve been a huge fan of since it came out. 

I was skeptical, don’t mind me, when I saw her walk around in the snow. 

Aesthetically speaking, it was stunning. The shots were beautiful. 

The outfit was so Demi that I couldn’t complain. 

I probably will have to read the reasons why the video was shot in snow. But that’s not the focus for now. 

Demi’s vocal. That was mind blowing. 

Demi Lovato, what are you made of?

I almost cried watching this video, and I know I’m not the only one. I mean, can’t be just me, right? 

That was one hell of a video. And damn that girl and her voice can kill me anytime. 


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