15 Kinds of people you’ll see on a Plane

 By Daniella Djiogan


Disclaimer: These are just a few things I have noticed while traveling. There is more to this list, but let’s leave that for later. Enjoy!


1.) Those who wait till the end of the journey to talk to the ones seated next to them: This is basically the type of person who would rather not have that awkward moment most travelers experience.


2.) Those who are just quiet, perhaps due to anxiety or because they don’t want to associate with anyone: Again, this applies to my people who are rather reserve.


3.) Those who introduce themselves from the beginning and lead a conversation through the awkward silence; I call them the brave ones.


4.) Those with loud children: We just need to accept the fact that young quiet children and long flight don’t really correlated.


5.) Those who start laughing/talking loudly after the plane has landed: Well you can’t blame them…can you?


6.) Those ready to get in and out of the plane: Personally, I am one of those.


7.) Those ready to help others with their luggages: These are the polite people we can’t help but thank.


8.) Those who ask a question like “how long is the flight?”  Get an answer and fail not to un-seek further conversation: This goes back to the people who will rather escape that awkward moment.


9.) Those who push their seats back too much thereby causing undue discomfort to others: If you got one of those in-front of you, simply tap them politely on the shoulder and let them know they need to adjust their seat.


10.) Those who have difficulties opening  (both in and out) the bathroom door: Hahahaa…funny, but it doesn’t hurt to ask for help.


 11.) Those who seem indifferent during a turbulence: I know you’re kind of scared but keeping your cool at that moment isn’t such a bad idea.


12.) Those who feel nauseated/sick during a flight; Sometimes, it’s not that you’re scared of flying…may be you ate the wrong breakfast.


13.) Those with weak bladders seated by the window: The worst! Now you have to stand up every time they have to use the restroom.


14.) Those who sleep throughout a 12 hour flight; that’s solid night sleep there…don’t just snore too much


15.) Those who ask for too much from the flight attendants; No comment


Which one(s) have you been?

 Image Source: www.theweek.co.uk 



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