Bieber at Brit Awards: His Talents ain’t Sorry

I never considered myself a fan. I never really liked the kid.

Remember “Baby”? Yeah, no offense, but that video was a bit awkward. I liked “Somebody to Love” because Usher was there though – but apart from that, I always laughed at Bieber dancing.

Hey, he’s a fine looking young man, a beautiful creature, but is definitely not my type.

For some time, his songs annoyed me more and more. I liked them, but I wished they wouldn’t be overplayed. Like, once a day would be okay.

But “Sorry” got me.

You can play that over and over again, and I won’t mind.

I remember one of my closest friends told me she was into Bieber’s new song, and I was like, “Sorry? He sang a song called Sorry?”

And I thought, I’m sure I’ve heard it somewhere. But I’m sure it’s not Bieber.

But it is him.

That blew my mind. So that awesome song that was playing over and over again on the radio was Bieber’s?

So the guy grew up. Also, he still could sing post puberty. He definitely didn’t sound like the boy that I heard in “Baby” but a young, grown man.

And recently I saw his live performance.

I give you this: Bieber has talents.

He’s a good artist who can sing.

This is one example on how this guy’s talents make the whole Bieber fever thing believable.

I’m still not a Belieber, but I understand now why girls like him so much.

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