Day 9: Living the Mumbai Lifestyle…If there’s such a thing

By Daniella Djiogan

During our third day in Mumbai, we were stuffed. We had gained much weight to the point where moving was a challenge. I remember Devina passed out once due to fatique from shopping and food overload…haha. I wasn’t any better either.

A few weeks before we arrived in India, I’d personally exercised everyday at 7pm – to be honest, I don’t know why I exercised that late. I’d dropped the weight with much zeal, only to gain it all back in a few days in Mumbai. Don’t get me wrong, I was happy. The food was more than amazing (Poha, garlic naan & dal makhani, briyani, pasta, etc). However, while enjoying every bite, I worried about fitting in my saree. I’d never tried a saree on in my life, and as every girl would’ve wanted, I too wanted to look flawless in mine… or atleast not have my stomach too big out there. So, I worried.

Seeing us distressed, our friend’s mother-auntie invited us to her zumba class that morning. Oh gosh, it was intense. All I remember was sweating so much but extremely pleased that I was some losing weight even though I knew I’ll gain it all back during our afternoon outing.

After good old zumba, we cleaned off the sweat and left for lunch at a Chinese restaurant which ended up disastrous because of the service, food, etc. It was just bad. I wouldn’t mention the restaurant because that’ll be disrespectful. I’ll stop right here about that restaurant encounter.

Then we went to do one of my favorite things, shopping. I don’t remember clearly what I bought because we went shopping pretty much everyday we were in Mumbai;  buying kurtis, saree, sandals for family members and friends back home.

It would be weird to go to another country and come empty handed right? I’ll be hurt if a sibling of mine traveled to this cool culturally rich country and came back with nothing. I’ll probably throw a tantrum…no kidding.

The day ended with dinner at auntie’s club. As you probably can guess, the food was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.




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