How Snapchat Grew on Me

I wasn’t a fan. I had the app for a year before I actually used it.

My sister used to send me snaps and I’d raise an eyebrow. Opened the snaps two days later if I remembered. 

And that was about it. 

Then I was obsessed with ANTM cycle 22, when they had episode breaks every couple of weeks and they made you guess who won the title. 

Like, you had no choice but to stalk the contestants’ social media to see if any of them was living the life of a “winner.”

They posted on Instagram every few days, so that didn’t do much for me. Twitter was even worse since you wouldn’t want to scroll and read through every single tweet. 

Really, a picture is worth a thousand words. 

Figuring out that people used snapchat to “snapshot” moments on their daily life, I followed the ANTM’s contestants on Snapchat and checked up on them every hour.  

And while waiting, I clicked on Buzzfeed, Cosmo, Tasty, and other cool ones available. 

It was great. 

And till then, I wasn’t one of those who’d post. I’d just go through Comedy Central during a break time at work and call it a day.

Then it was few weeks ago when I received a snap from my sister with some cool special effects. 

That I thought, gosh that’s funny!

Let me show you mine:

That’s funny. And pretty awesome. 

So now Snapchat got me hooked. It’s hilarious and they keep having new features. 

I know, social media is toxic. 

But it’s so wrong it feels so right. It’s just funny, mostly. 

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