My Haven 

Someday I will find the perfect place, 

Where I can hide all my treasures and precious. 

Where the lights will always be on when I’m around because darkness isn’t welcome. 

Where you won’t be able to find me and see me cry.

Over everything you put me through over and over. 

Where they won’t be able to question me what’s going on or what’s bothering me. 

Over all the things I manage to go through on my own. 

Where she won’t be able to reach me, and my phone will be off from any unwanted call. 

Away from you who only need my service and deny me any love. 

Someday I will find this place. Where home is nowhere else but where I sleep and wake. 

Where the scent of coffee fills the room and my artworks sit beautifully around. 

Where I love myself and myself alone, and stop hurting myself by putting you first. 

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