12 Questions every Feminists get asked


1.) Should a man still open the door for you?


2.) Should a man pay for the first date?

3.) Can women still demand to be pampered by men?

4.) Can a  woman still be a feminist if she’s a housewife?


5.) Why are you getting married if you’re a feminist? Aren’t you suppose to hate men?

6.) Are you a feminist because you are a lesbian?

7.) In the bible, it says a woman was created from a man, so men are superior, right?


8.) Do feminists have to be “pro choice”?

10.) Isn’t it against the rule for women to be sexy and a feminist at the same time?


11.) Can men be feminist?


12.) Why not just call it equality instead of feminism?

12 thoughts on “12 Questions every Feminists get asked

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