5 Things NOT to [bring] at airport checkpoints

By Daniella Djiogan


Disclaimer: Some of these are common sense, while some aren’t.


1.) Certain food: 

Meat, fruits, and certain eatables with a peculiar smell to them. 

2.) Liquids in your carry-on:

Water, alcohol, perfume, lotion, etc. This particular one is quite obvious.


3.)  Long Boots:

Since it’s winter, it’s quite unavoidable to a certain extend. However, just know those will need to come off at most if not all checkpoints.510cfe492aa1105fa0e942a200b3bcc57dc350f0e3e419633ef0dcc4ee23a526 (1)

4.) A face unlike that of your passport picture:

 If you’re like me where your passport picture looks quite hideous, try not to wear too much makeup that makes you suspicious.


5.) Jokes:

Don’t joke about touchy subjects…i’ll leave it at that.



Hair that can hide something: I am obviously not talking about long hair. I am rather referring to puffy hair or braids in a big up-do. #Personalexperience

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