Things I Learn from an Insurance Agent

1. A lot of people in my generation don’t care that much about saving security or healthcare. Which is fine, given the fact that we can live longer now and technology has allowed medical studies to develop above and beyond.

Money can’t buy happiness. It’s the thrill and the adrenaline rush in adventures. Enjoy it when you’re still young. – a friend.

2. Money isn’t everything to the youth. When discussing money matters to those who are already middle aged with children who still need school funding, this is a completely different matter. To those people who have their own families, money is huge. Even small expense counts. But the younger ones spend money more easily, and don’t even care if they spend a month worth of salary for a hospital visit.

I’m young. Chances are, I won’t have critical illness anytime soon. If I die, I die. – one of my cousins.

3. Investment is more fun. I talked to some people, around my age obviously, of the security in putting money in insurance. It covers medical bills and it definitely pays off when you’re dead. But to them it’s not as fun as watching the markets go up and down and risking their dollars. Which is understandable. They love the adrenaline rush.

It’s crazy. It’s driving me crazy. I’m losing money. But I love it. – a friend to playing stocks.

4. The older generation wish they’d started investing in insurance earlier. Because the earlier you start, the more money you’ll have. Also, you can avoid the whole medical check up and complicated procedures that come after certain age limit if you’re still young. But this fact doesn’t affect the younger generation. They just don’t care.

My teenage daughter will have how much money by the time she’s 30? What? Damn, I wish I’d started earlier! – a friend about an insurance policy calculation.

5. Legacy matters. The most relevant thing to say to parents is that insurance lets their children have liquid assets when they’re gone. Parents want to protect their children and make sure they won’t suffer financially.

Do you know how hard it is to sell a house? How long it takes? You might be dead before the house gets sold – liquid assets are liquid. You won’t need to sell or wait for anything. – my mom, because she’s been selling properties for years and it’s killing her.

6. Critical illness can come to you anytime, unexpectedly. I’ve seen the cases, and they’re random. A 20 year old girl diagnosed with cancer? A healthy 40 year old doctor diagnosed with breast cancer? A 25 year old man died of a virus within three days? They vary and you don’t know if you’re next.

Someone in my family got cancer. When I heard ‘someone’ I thought it was a 40 year old relative, but apparently it was the 21 year old second cousin. She’s younger than me and she was healthy growing up. – a friend.

7. Death is everywhere, and is ready to knock on your door. Whenever it’s necessary. Accidents, diseases, murder, suicides, and whatever else that kill you. It’s there. And it’s scary as hell.

And it’s not okay to know that maybe on the last days of your life, you’re draining your parents’ bank account. I don’t know about you, but that ain’t my go to. – well, me.

Seriously, the difference in the mentality and the way people think, based on their age gap is incredible. Good luck to insurance agents out there.

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