You don’t have to be strong all the time 

You can cry in the corner, hugging yourself and choking words that won’t make sense. 

You can yell at people who have been nothing but cruel to you, and you’ve been more than forgiving towards them. 

You can throw an ice cold glare at those who insult you and judge you by your looks because they ignore the hardships you’d gone through. 

You can be sad. Weak. Red eyed. Cold. Burning. 

You can be vulnerable. 

Because you’re human, with a heart. You aren’t programmed to be alright with everything. 

You aren’t supposed to take everything in and feel the weight of the world on your shoulders. Sometimes it’s okay to burst. 

To explode and embrace what your heart is telling you. 

Let the heart cry. Let it weep. Let it tell you that despite everything you put it through, it will make it. 

So will you. 

But even the mightiest breaks before winning. 

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