Legends of Tomorrow: Game’s on

This show takes risks. I love it. 

We have lost Heat Wave. We have met old Oliver Queen and the second Green Arrow. 

We have seen Carter Hall die. 

Nobody is safe. 

So when we got to see Jefferson, or Jax, turn into a crazy human-hawk hybrid, I was truly impressed. 

So let’s go to 1958, where racism is huge and our team of Legends has two black members. 

Savage lives peacefully as Dr. Knox, a specialist in psychoanalysis who kidnaps teenagers and turns them into evil half human-half hawk creatures. He wants to create an army of hawkmen to fight Chay-Ara, and for that he uses serum of the same meteorites that turned Khufu and Chay-Ara into hawk demigods 4000 years ago.

The team doesn’t know this, but there are missing teenagers in Harmony Falls (anyone thought of Mystic Falls right away?)

Kendra and Raymond pose as a married couple who just moved into the neighborhood, and Dr, Knox makes his move by visiting them and inviting them over to his house. 

Meanwhile, Sarah and Stein investigate Savage’s work place, the hospital, by working as a nurse and a doctor. 

Jax does his part by approaching a girlfriend of one of the missing teenagers, Tommy Filler, and well, things do not look up for our Jax. 

He goes out with the girl, Betty, and during their date some evil hawkman hybrids attack them. Tommy, the missing boyfriend, shows up as a hybrid hawkman and scratches Betty’s neck. 

To save her, Jax drives as fast as he can and a policeman arrests him. And unfortunately, the policeman works for Savage and he takes Jax to the main villain.

So the team puts two and two together, realizes that Savage has some secret experiment done in the hospital, and they plan to take him down by stealing the dagger from his house and having Kendra seduce him. 

So they all go to the hospital to make sure that Kendra has a backup while seducing Savage, and as predicted, Savage already knows that Kendra plans to take him down. 

I don’t know why Kendra insists on taking Savage down alone. She knows this man, right? 

So Savage releases his hawk men and the team has to fight them – including Jax. But the only one who does amazingly well in fighting those creatures is our badass Sara. 

In the end, Jax is saved by an injection that turns him back into his normal self and everyone is happy. 

Kendra and Ray realize that despite their weird professional relationship, they still want to be partners with benefits. Fine by me I guess, but I really don’t understand this pairing. I got Ray and Felicity, but Ray and Kendra? Maybe they’ll grow on me soon. 

So with Ray, Kendra, and Sara still off board, the rest of the team is just being themselves when Chronos walks in and starts shooting at them. 

With that, the ship takes off by itself, leaving Ray, Kendra, and Sara behind. 

“How did they leave without us?” 

“Why did they leave us here?”

And I guess we will have to wait to see what happens to the abandoned trio, and what will the rest of the team do with Chronos onboard. 

But Legends of Tomorrow is getting better. There are some parts that annoy me. But they aren’t that big.

I’m just glad that there are some progresses and risks on this show.

I’m hoping for something wonderful- and hopefully, Legends of Tomorrow will deliver. The show has potentials, let’s wait and see when it reaches its full potentials. 

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