Muay Thai Diary: Week 2

For week 1, here’s the link: The Muay Thai Diary: Week 1

Monday I woke up and felt sick. For some reason, I could not sleep the night before. I finally did, at around 3 AM, and woke up painfully upset with how my whole body was aching.

So I decided to push Muay Thai to Tuesday.

However, the same thing happened again, so I ended up going on Wednesday evening.

The place was empty when I got there. The instructors asked me, “Why do you always show up when no one else is here?” To which, I got no answer.

So this time, I got the first instructor I got on my first session: the funny guy Moses.

We started stretching. In my head I thought, yoga! So I dug some information from him, as it turned out, Moses loved yoga. Well, lucky me.

Then he asked me, “Jump rope or jogging?”

I, growing up a runner and having died from jumping rope the week before, immediately said, “Jogging!” As if I just won a grand prize.

So I jogged happily, and Moses asked, “You seem so happy. Should I double the time?”

Hell no. I told him I probably had done a good two miles already.

We did some basic warm ups, well more like I did them. Many push ups, many sit ups, and other weird stuff that I truly hope will do the wonder to my weird shaped body right now.

Afterwards, we started the punching and kicking. It was fun, and I was still an awkward jelly on the mat – but I surely got better. Or so I thought.

This time felt nice. It was a good work out, and I truly enjoyed it.

It hit me that I actually really liked this.

Thursday went by without pain. I figured, this would be when I finally got used to the Muay Thai drill.

Checking the date, by the way, I kept on praying that my period would get pushed back a day or two, because I actually was looking forward to another session on Friday.

Then came Friday, “the day” for me, because I always go on Fridays.

I got an instructor who had hearing impairment, and I felt horrible for having to repeat myself and asking questions repeatedly.

The receptionist apologized to me when I arrived, she said, “This instructor is usually not requested by people because they complain about his hearing and his speeches. He can’t hear – and his pronunciation is off… But he’s the only one available at the moment. You can wait for the usual instructor who trains you.”

“Is he patient?” was all I asked. “Do you think he will be patient with me? If yes, that’s all I need.”

Let’s say this instructor, despite having hearing problems, killed me with his routine.

It was some mad drilling warm ups, and I had to keep up. Not only with the sets, but with his signs. I kept on looking at him, waiting for any sign of anything. He was more of a body language communicator, which was fine with me. I only wanted an instructor who could be patient with me and my pathetic beginner luck.

Five minutes into the session and I could see that he felt guilty for making me work extra. Extra meaning having to work my comprehension skills into figuring out what he wanted me to do. He felt bad for the inconvenience caused by his hearing impairment.

It hurt me to see it. How many people complained about him? Who were these people?

When I got good at this, I’d find them and beat them up. Well, if I could.

But for those who know me, y’all know that I’m a child. I cheer at any tiny accomplishment, and it’s easy to make me happy. Like, really easy. Also, I laugh at myself. All the time.

So we made a good pair. After he realized that I was basically a kid who just wanted to train and liked him anyway, he started smiling. Moreover, he laughed at me a lot. Which, I did not mind.

Of course it meant I was still horrible.

Also took this photo of my feet during a two minute break. I had to kick a punching sac, and well, it was a new experience.

Behold, the ugly feet.

Fifteen minutes before the session ended, I called for time out. He asked, “Tired?” and I nodded. His routine murdered me.

So being a kind instructor that he was, he unwrapped my hands and guided me to the cooling down routine.

I forgot to ask for his name, unfortunately, or I did but he just didn’t know what I was saying.

But after the session, I felt lighter. Much, much lighter.

So I guess it’s safe to say that Muay Thai doesn’t hurt me anymore. And into week 3 I go!




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