Allegiant Review: Divergent Descending

Despite the low ratings that Allegiant scored, I didn’t lose faith in the Divergent series.

And at this point, it’s become another “let’s get it over with” series, and a much better one than Twilight, thank God.

So after the Insurgent, which you can find here: Insurgent: Pandora Box

We are back in Chicago, but now instead of Jeanine we got Evelyn as the new leader of the factions.

Evelyn set out troops to watch the walls, and they made sure that nobody could leave Chicago.

Tris and Four, of course, wanted to leave, and their departure was decided when the factions started executing Erudites who helped out Jeanine. Caleb was imprisoned, and counting down to his own execution.

So with the help of Tori and Christina, Tris and Four took Caleb out. But of course, our favorite Peter joined the group before they left because he wanted an out from Chicago.

And when they reached the wall, Tori got shot by Edgar, Evelyn’s faithful minion. She died and the group had to leave before anyone of them got shot.

This was the moment when I cried, y’all. I love Maggie Q. I love her so much that I never once gave up Nikita when the story line got a bit boring.

So the group found the outside world, which looked like Mars from ‘the Martian.’ It started raining blood, and so they decided to find shelter and rest for a bit.

Afterwards, they kept on going to find the safe haven Tris believed to exist. However, Edgar found them.

I thought this was weird since Evelyn clearly instructed people to not cross the walls. Wasn’t Edgar the most faithful minion?

So the group ran for their lives, and while running Tris noticed force field wall which opened up to them, revealing men in uniforms who shot Edgar’s car and sent him off tripping.

Then the group was welcome into a huge safe haven, or O’hare Airport. It was home to people who fancied Tris and Four, because apparently their every move had been these people’s favorite TV show routine.

I’ve been to O’hare a zillion times over and it never looks that good.

So Tris, as the perfect Divergent, was assigned to work closely with the Director, who wanted her to call him David. And David wanted Tris to be the living proof that ‘purity’ was a possible result of their faction experiment.

Peter and Caleb were put in surveillance. They had to watch everything that happened in Chicago and report to the authority.

Four and Christina were with the force – they had to rescue children from nobody-knew-who.

And of course, as it turned out, David had evil agenda on his own and used Tris all along. He kidnapped children and wiped their memories clean before raising them.

Four figured it out and went back to Chicago in order to stop the war between Evelyn and Johanna, whose group called themselves ‘Allegiant.’


Peter worked with David and got back to Chicago and guided Evelyn to aid David’s plan. So typical of Peter. It’s almost as if there is no way his character would ever find redemption.

In the end, as usual, Tris and Four won, and David was still watching them – possibly plotting revenge.


Okay. So, Allegiant. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be.

Here are some things that I noticed watching this:

  1. Keiynan Lonsdale had little screen time. Why? Why did Keiynan Lonsdale not get enough screen time? Why is a man so beautiful like him only on screen for few seconds every time?
  2. Green screen. You can tell that they’re in a studio, and it’s all green screen. The CGI was so obvious it was painful to watch some scenes. I had to hold back my laugh. It was unbearable. I don’t know how much money they had for this production – but even the Flash had better effects.
  3. Surveillance throughout their lives – watched all the time. Got it? Hunger Games!
  4. Tris was the ‘pure’ result they wanted. They put people in Chicago to see if they could fight off whatever and be ‘pure’. Got it? Maze Runner.
  5. This was combination of Hunger Games and Maze Runner! Fooled me twice, and now this too?
  6. Plot line was all over the place. Now, I have not read the books, and I probably should. But watching ‘Allegiant‘ ended that thought. I thought I should read the books, but now I would not.
  7. The only comic relief in the movie was Peter. And even he redeemed himself in Insurgent – he returned to being the jerk in Divergent. And what happened to Tris? Shailene Woodley is one heck of an actress, but I don’t think she wanted to make me and other audience hate Tris, did she?
  8. The last scene. Please, don’t! Not another movie! Just leave it at that! They kept doing this. I wanted to start screaming a Darth Vader “NO!” when I saw David in the last scene it crossed my mind that they were still planning another movie. This will be another 4 movie series. NO!

I give Allegiant a 6. I wanted to give it a 5, but it wasn’t horrible, really. And I couldn’t give it a 6.5 because the CGI really ruined it for me.



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