Under Your Nose

by Devina

When you’re walking straight, eyes up looking forward, you can’t see what’s under your nose.

And it’s just like how it feels dealing with people who aren’t as privileged.

People who are privileged would question the poor, “Why do you not want to go to school?”

“Are you so illiterate, so stupid that you refuse education?”

People who are privileged wouldn’t understand the everyday struggles. People who had to work two shifts or more a day to provide for their families, and sometimes it wasn’t enough for the children’s school tuition. People who had to go against their parents by going to school because they could not afford it.

When the poor said, “I could do better, but I did not go to school.”

The rich would say, “If you wanted to, you could.”

When you have most of your needs fulfilled, you won’t be able to understand what those, who are scratching for food down there, had to go through.

You wouldn’t be able to see from their eyes.

In yours, life was full of possibilities. In theirs, life offered miseries.

You would have systems in your mind. Things could happen if one did this and did that.

In their minds it would be, how could one do this if others weren’t in place?

You’d disregard their struggles and saw them as ‘life.’

“Life is tough,” you’d say. But how tough was yours in comparison to theirs?

You see the sky, the skyscrapers and night lights.

They see the ground, the dirt and the trash.

You’d say, “You chose to not go to school. So now it’s yours to deal with. Stop complaining.”

But what do you know?

How would you know if it wasn’t the hardest decision ever made in their lives?

A person was born into existence once – and made in a lifetime. And you would never guess the lifetime of struggles and pain.

Privileges also mean having a lot of options. Being in more comfortable zone.

And when you are sitting comfortable up there, how can you ever see what’s under your nose? Especially when you choose not to?

It is your choice in the end – and you can blame others for digging their own grave if they do what you think isn’t beneficial.

And nobody asks for your sympathy either. They’ve seen enough of your nose.


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