Zootopia Review: Best Zoo Ever

By Devina 

Don’t ever give up on your dreams. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or what people think you are, if you fight for it, you’ll get there. 

Like what Judy Hopps did, when everyone told her she could not be a police officer. But she became the very first bunny officer and top of her class. 

Then she moved to Zootopia, where she was assigned to and she believed she’d make a difference. 

“I want to make the world a better place.”

However, Zootopia was the city center where life was tough. This was the New York of the animal kingdom. 

And poor Judy was assigned parking ticket duty by the chief police, who wasn’t happy having a small bunny assigned to his force. 

She kept on trying to do what she had dreamed of doing, being a real police. But Chief Bogo wasn’t into the idea, and she had to prove that she was more than just a small little bunny. 

So when there was a case of missing mammals, and when presented the opportunity to be a part of the investigation, Judy grabbed it and got herself in a lot more than she initially signed up for. 

With the help of a con artist she disliked of course, the sly fox Nick Wilde. 

The chemistry between Judy and Nick was unbelievable. It was so good I started wondering how cartoons could beat real life actors so well. 

But they did. 

Zootopia presented us a story, and it was well written. It was never boring – and even when it was at its slowest pace, the sloth scene for instance, it was entertaining. 

It reminded me of Tangled, a girl going out to the big world and meeting a stranger who she didn’t like but had to work with. And I didn’t mind that. There were a lot of similarities to Tangled and I loved them. 

Ginnifer Goodwin was perfect! I can’t think of anyone better than her to be Judy. And Bateman did wonderful as Nick. 

Also, Idris Elba was the voice of Chief Bogo! I knew that golden voice belonged to my beloved! And Shakira. 

This movie has so much to offer. Including its own Godfather! Don’t get me started on the “skunk butt rug” because I won’t be able to stop laughing. 

I give Zootopia 9.5/10. 

It’s entertaining, it’s cute, and it teaches us all a very important lesson. 

Don’t judge a book by its cover. It obviously goes deeper than that, and we can safely say that the movie blatantly brings up races and genders into the story line and conflicts. It’s a very mature movie, for both children and adults. 

And don’t ever give up on your dreams, even though the rest of the world tells you you should. 

Who knew? A bunny officer. 

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