My Short Embarrassing Plane Story

Five hours had passed, and we had three more to go. I was on my way to Zurich on a connecting overnight flight to Delhi.

I took Swiss air, so let me just say, I was well fed, very much bloated, and over-hydrated. I had to visit ‘le petit coin’.

After contemplating about going or not while waiting for any availability, it was my turn.

So, I unbuckled my seat belt, sat up quietly as most passengers were sleeping, and went to the toilet.

Mind the fact that this wasn’t my first, second, or third plane ride but damn, I’ve never been so embarrassed before while trying to open a door.

I know some of us sometimes confuse the pull from the push…the classic brain fart moment. ‘Don’t lie, you know yourself.’

Anyways, I tried opening the door multiple times, and it just wouldn’t open. I bet you’re probably thinking, maybe someone was in there. Nope, I assure you, no one was in.

And I don’t know if I was just stupid or tired but it just wouldn’t open and I couldn’t just admit defeat.

I tried and tried for about two minutes or so before realizing a pair of distinctive wide eyes watching from behind. Those weren’t the only eyes watching, but these particular ones watched with amazement at my foolishness/my inability to open a mere door.

At first, its open unblinking nature made me believe the owner of these eyes was in the land of dreams.

However to my amazement, he wasn’t asleep. I guess he was so intrigued by the little embarrassing show I was putting up for everyone during this long ‘boring’ flight that he forgot to blink.

After several failed attempts, I looked around for help…of-course with pleading puppy-like eyes. But no one offered to help. I even tried doing that thing most of us do with our legs when we need to go the restroom, but no one extended a helping hand.

So, embarrassed as I was, I decided to crawl back to my seat as I couldn’t bare the shame anymore.

Three hours of wait to pee, I could do that.

I’ve held my bladder for that long during some nights for fear of unusual activities. This was nothing…just a piece of cake with a slice of embarrassment.

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