The Muay Thai Diary: Week 3 & 4

So if you wanna know what happened before this: Muay Thai Diary: Week 2

Week 3 started out strong. I had to be good at this, I told myself, so I was ready. I went in early during the week and told myself I was going to get the Muay Thai badassery.

My instructor made me do more laps during the warm up, which I didn’t mind, really. I kept reminding myself that with better endurance and speed, I’ll improve.

My punches were getting better, and I could go at it faster.

Also, my kicks sounded like either my bones were broken, or the punching sack met an awesome force.

But, it was in my head.

Because nothing was broken except for my pride.

Well, for some reason I thought of taking a selfie as proof that yea, I worked out.

I was serious.

Just as serious as my bruises.




Now, unfortunately I got my period, and had to cancel the rest of the training week.

It was sad, but what could a woman on her period do?

Then I decided, week 4 I could do three sessions.


Week 4 started out strong as well.

The instructor wasn’t happy with the fact that I only had the session once the week before, so he increased my warmup sets. It wasn’t as bad, not yet at least.

It was then when he realized that I had a thing for running.

“You’re actually happy while running.”

Afterwards, we got to the punching. He decided that I had to step up my game and fix my punches.

For some reason, I tilted whenever my right punch went forward.

So I had to pay attention to the feet position.

However, I’m happy to announce that my reflexes were good.

Unfortunately my right punch got tilted every now and then, and I kicked like a ballerina.  

Don’t get me started on my injuries. It’s ridiculous how my hands can still function this well when they felt so numb after each session.

Then, the second session went over two hours.

It was a fine day. No rain, pretty bright and sunny out there, and I thought I was going in like a champion.

The instructor told me that I was getting stronger, and I had to train longer and be more focused.

He commented that I lacked sleep since I looked sleepy and tired, and that I got to pick up more upper body strength.

I cried at pull ups.

Told him to let me try that again in few months. Not days or weeks, but months.

I suck at upper body strength.

He asked me to double my warm up routine. Which, since I always enjoyed those, I didn’t mind doing.

And during that, my instructor was happy.

From this only, I looked awesome. I ran like the Flash and got to my stretches like Arsenal. It felt awesome!

Then, we got to punching.

Unfortunately my right punches were still tilted sometimes, and my instructor was clearly disappointed.

Almost as disappointed as I was with my left kick. My right foot didn’t seem to understand instructions.

But he kept pushing.

About half an hour before we ended the session, which was already over the usual time, a guy entered and waited for his instructor.

He had his phone with him and I believe he was taking photos of pathetic me kicking like an idiot because he kept laughing while holding his phone at an obvious position and angle.

Dear me, I sure hope it wasn’t a video.

Then, I reminded my instructor, “It’s been over two hours! It’s going up to two and a half hours…” because each session should last from an hour and a half to two hours. I clearly didn’t pay enough for longer sessions.

The instructor told me he didn’t mind – but I obviously did.

So we went over cooling down routine before I headed to the shower and then went home.

However, the day after, I got sick. I started coughing and then it went downhill from there.

In fact, it’s been a week since that second session from week 4 – and I am still in bed, coughing and sounding like an Arctic Shrew when I start talking.

So I do not think I will be going to Muay Thai anytime this week.

That marks Week 5 off.

Well, hopefully I’ll get better before Week 6 and I can get back to letting the punching sack burn my legs again.

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