The Rant of the Ill

I’ve been sick in bed for over a week now, and it’s horrible. God ever forbid me being sick ever again because I do have a heart for complaining. Yea, call me petty but I know you’ve done it too.


I’m not exactly having the best time of my life, that I can tell you.

But I have been watching my TV shows online since I try not to work over my hours, log off on time, and start relaxing at night.

Thus, TV shows.

But it’s such a pain that when I’m sick like this, some people just don’t get it.

I get that when you’re hitting on someone, it is important to keep in touch. Like, really important to make sure that you mark that someone’s morning and night with a cute little text with a cute emoji that depict how precious this person is to you.

And maybe to a lot of people it is cute and endearing. If anything, perhaps they prefer having people text them everyday asking, “Are you feeling any better? Can I bring you some soup? Do you want me to come over?” because it means they’re loved, and perhaps I’m just the odd one who prefers being left alone in the dark with Netflix.

But it is beyond annoying when people assume that you’re up dancing on your feet, wearing tiny dresses and twerking on a dance floor when you’re down with flu at home. It is when you feel like you’re coughing blood and they assume you’re on karaoke with the neighbors. beingsick

I lost my voice few days back, and haven’t regained it back. At first I started sounding like Zootopia’s Mr. Big, which I thought was cute. It was, until three days went past and I sounded worse and worse before I lost it altogether.

It was Mr. Big to Mr. Gone.

I told some people, of course, that I lost my voice because they kept asking “Are you feeling better today?” and to my horror they’d ask afterwards, “So can I call and hear your voice?”

Then it got worse as they started asking the obvious, “Are you sure you can’t come meet up with me today?”

And this was after me telling them that I’d lost my voice and my whole body felt bruised.


Of course I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of my girlfriends who understood and instead of being mad, they went, “Why are you worried about me? You’re sick!” or “Why are you always sick, girl? Alright, we can go next week.”

Thank you. For being awesome. And for forwarding me all the cute posts of the cute pugs. Those were so adorable.

But the rest who insisted on seeing me or even calling to talk about their problems over the phone, who started with, “Oh, dear, you sound awful,” to “So, you know this thing I’ve been dealing with. Yea, the annoying guy?” to other topics while I tried so hard to not hurt my throat every time I had to respond with a “Uh huh.”

Yeah, they were really nice.

So friends, when a friend is really sick in bed, please give him or her some space. If she lost her voice, then stop calling, stop asking her to talk or respond, and just let her rest. If she can’t get up, then stop asking her to meet up. If she tells you it’s contagious, then stop offering to visit. It just doesn’t scream cute anymore.

Because when you’re sick in bed, all you want is to close your eyes and rest. You don’t want to think about how you can’t go out or sing or do things you usually do. You don’t want to be reminded that you’re not able to do any of those. You just want to rest and hope that the pain will go away in the morning.

And it’s not that I don’t miss you. My body is imprisoning me at the moment, and I need to serve my time.




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