Because I am human – that’s why!

When you realize you were the exact depiction of who they said you were

But I guess if it was said any other way it wouldn’t hurt as much


You were so hurt you didn’t bother to analyze yourself


You fired back like a mad horse

And when you became sane,

You thought about it a little longer

“May be” … “May be” … “Just May be”

It wasn’t all lies, it had a sprinkle of truth

Mostly tasteless, vulgar truth

Of course you acted the way you did

It was very much justified and needed – you claim


You’re the villain?


That’s how it always goes, doesn’t it?

The minority always loses

Perhaps I should have shut my mouth then

But I learnt, I tell you

Learnt to resist and take pointers


I would still vent out the way I did

And take those points later

Because I am human – that’s why!


By Daniella Djiogan

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