When you’re damaged and articles on love are omnipresent

by Devina

I have nothing against venting out or talking your heart out. It helps, really, and that’s the only thing that matters.

People who are hurt need to heal.

Of all people, I know how that is.

But, to be honest, I hate spotting articles written about moving on, letting go, being betrayed, being ignored by the crush, and signs if people are cheating or lying.

I have to scroll down so far off down before I find something like “Horror stories” or “Theories on Game of Thrones”, because they’d be lost in the flood of heartbreak posts.

I understand heartbreak. I write about it too sometimes. I write about how much it hurts and how badly I wish it will stop.

But I also know that there are other things in life we can appreciate and enjoy.

There are distractions and entertainment. There are movies, TV shows, books, theories, philosophical thoughts you can digest to get over your heartbreak. And you can write about them.

And forgive me if I misunderstand the whole situation, but until I find out how to filter the posts into the ones I am actually interested in reading, it will continually bother me.

There are people like me. People who have been hurt terribly by the loves of their lives, and want to just live without reminders.

I also know there are people who are very sentimental and deep. People who write songs and listen to love songs after they’re hurt.

We heal differently, but isn’t the internet an open pot for everyone?

And it’s not fun when articles on one issue pop up left and right. Where all my nerdy homies at? Write something, yo.

Or well, I guess it’s time to find another website to browse articles on.


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