Captain America Civil War: Achy, Breaky Tony Stank

by Devina

If you get the title, that means you’ve seen the movie. If you haven’t, then I suggest you do.

To be honest, I am not sure what to think of this film. It was a good experience, I can at least say that, and it felt like I was in the theater for one whole day. No kidding, so many things happen in this movie.


Black Panther

civilwar panther

How is it possible that a man can be that gorgeous? I may have to betray my beloved Idris Elba for this, but Chadwick Boseman. Oh my gosh. Perfection. I smile every time he’s on screen. Because he is just so beautiful.


Okay, you got me here. He made me laugh. Every time. What an adorable kid. Now, this is the kind of Peter Parker I believe. He’s not too timid, not too good looking, but an average kid who loves cool stuff.


What a giant ant. Now, both he and Spiderman were the best comic reliefs we got. It was so intense, and when everyone is fighting and kicking ass, he still enjoyed his fight and commented every now and then.


Editing was on point. I love the flow, and you get to see everyone’s background and motives. We have got to appreciate the acting skills presented in this movie. Because everyone is so good.

Do you cheer for Stark? Or Rogers? Or both?

I cheer for Black Panther to be honest. He is wise and cool, and my goodness I need help.


The stunt work. Marvel has stepped up its game now. With Deadpool and Civil War, damn! This movie has amazing stunts. It’s ridiculous how clear the shots are and how good, even though some are obvious that the actors aren’t the ones flipping, the choreograph is. It is madness. So good.

The story telling is also amazing. I love how everything is connected and we get to understand everyone, even if it only takes five minutes to explain a character’s background. Like the first time Tony meets Peter? Yeah, that was not redundant at all. It was good and enough for the audience.


civil war poster

The core of this film is the friendship. The friendship of the Avengers. And I love how even during the fight, Black Widow could ask Hawkeye, “Wait, we’re still friends right?”And even though they disagree on something, they know they are friends.

Until, Capt and Iron man fight, and break everyone’s heart. How can anyone choose side? Captain America is known as always standing for what is right. He is the moral compass. He is the oldest one, and he is trained to fight for the people.

Iron man, or Tony, has always been conflicted, and fights for what he believes to be right. He doesn’t always follow the rules. And Tony can be very stubborn about what he believes in. And it is the same with Steve.

The two most stubborn heads fight, and what happens to their friendship?

I guess we have to wait and see.

Captain America: Civil War got a 9/10 from me. It is emotional, funny, stunning, and unfortunately, heartbreaking. I cannot wait to see the next Marvel movie.

This year looks like it belongs to Disney and Marvel for me.

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