Things that might drive Women crazy

by Devina

Period showing up late but signs are already here

It is the days of wondering “Is it now? It is today? Okay, maybe tomorrow.” to “Is it hormones? Is it stress? Why is it not here yet?” while crying over cramps and mood swings. Why, God, why?

Perfect dress at the boutique, but it’s a size too small or too big 

“This is the dress of my dreams!” Then put it on and realize, it doesn’t feel right. It’s a bit tight. And when you ask the store, they tell you, “That’s the last one,” or “We don’t have other sizes for that dress.”

Oh, and this goes for shoes as well.

Being compared to someone they hate 

Based on experiences, do not ever compare a woman to someone she hates. It goes for anyone, really, but this serves a red “NO. DO NOT” button when you’re dealing with a lady.

“You look like that (insert name) girl who plays in that movie.” “You remind me of my cousin, remember? You two are so alike. I don’t know why you hate each other.”


Missing periods (nope, we don’t call 3 months “late”) 

Am I pregnant? Is this just stress? What’s happening to my body? Wait, is this the next messiah in my womb? Will I have to name it Jesus again?

Am I sick?

Being told “Don’t use your period excuse” by a man

Okay. First of all. Do you men have any idea how bloody hell it hurts? Some women have bleeding problems, and whenever they have periods, they can’t function clearly, and they can’t even get up. Because it hurts like hell.

If I can’t make it to your damn party, that’s because I can’t walk! Like you want to know how it feels like to have a uterus that tries to kill you every month?

Besides, we’re hormonal on our period. You think we will apologize for yelling at you last night over something so small? NO!

Wearing the wrong outfit to a party 

Like when your friend tells you, “It’s just a casual meet up,” and then you go in T-shirt and jeans and snickers. Then, your friend takes you to a 5-star hotel bar with people wearing fancy dresses and suits.

And then you can’t go back and change because it’s an hour drive away. So you’re stuck looking like a hobo in the middle of expensive looking group.

Looking fly af but in photos, looking like a troll

It’s like the camera hates you. Because magic happens in the mirror but shit happens the moment that beauty is captured in photos. Well, in that case, the eyes around you better be appreciating your glory.

Knowing that Jay Z cheated on Beyonce 

Like, what is wrong with that man? She has been noted as the most beautiful woman in the world too many times. She’s got the beauty, money, and power. What kind of dumbass would hurt a woman like that?

And if an okay looking man could cheat on a woman that beautiful, what does that mean for the rest of us women? Certainly, there is no more hope.

Being told that women have to marry and have children by certain age. 

I get it. Adam meets Eve, they get married and have Cain and Abel. But what if Eve has a good career and makes good money and doesn’t want to be tied up to a lifetime commitment that she won’t have enough time for?

In the end, your life is your life, and you take charge of what you truly want, not follow blindly and go for what’s decided for you.








6 thoughts on “Things that might drive Women crazy

      • Yeah! It’s like, what’s wrong with your daughter wanting to pursue career and not relationship? Doesn’t mean something is wrong with her or that nobody wants her! Calling them “leftover” is insulting. Especially posting their daughters’ photos and profiles like they’re sale items…

        Liked by 1 person

      • Aha exactly! I know right, and I thought tinder was bad aha leftover is such a mean term. And some of them are like 27 anyway? That’s like not wanting to eat pizza that’s like 10 years before it’s out of date. (Note: I am not calling women who are 37 out of date pizza, just an exaggeration aha)

        Liked by 1 person

      • Right! 27 is still so young! I’d call that “exploring options” time. But the way they address these young women, it’s like calling them worthless or condemning them unwanted. Ahahah that pizza analogy cracked me up.

        Liked by 1 person

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