The Thing about Superstitions

Not many months ago, I saw crows in our backyard, not two or three, but lots and lots of them everywhere including the wooden fence that separates our yard from the neighbors. It was a terrifying site since I’d never seen that many crows in one place, and certainly not in our own house. I felt chills all over my body, and a sudden feeling that did not sit well with me. I’d never liked crows before, not since I read of the crows in the bible  that plucked off Judas’ eyes. To me, they were dark creatures.

Coincidentally, I’d just spoken to a member of my family a few minutes ago, who’d informed me of a relative’s sudden illness. Being as superstitious as I am, I decided to Google it. The search result frightened me.  Apparently,  according to one of the articles about crow superstition on, six crows meant death. 

At first, I laughed it off, blaming my too superstitious being  for over thinking it. I’d seen many crows, not just six. It couldn’t possibly be true then, no way! Superstitions had no real truth to them, at least not this one. Perhaps the one about a black cat crying at night at the back of your house or a cat crossing your path, or even walking under a ladder was true. But certainly not this one.

That evening, the news arrived that this relative had passed away. I was shocked!

It was not the first time my superstitions had come to true, but this was certainly the most heartbreaking. It made me wonder why nature would warned some people, and not others. Did believing in a superstition make it a reality or was it meant to happen either way?  Did walking under a ladder guaranteed you a bad luck or did you create you own omen when you believed in that particular superstition? I had many questions which I held no definite answers. 

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