A Courage to Experiment with Styles

By Daniella Djiogan

Over the years, I’ve had the courage (yes, Courage..but a rather reckless one) to experiment with different hair styles. I always felt like it wasn’t the hair that mattered, but rather the face that made the impression. Today, at my twenties, I think the hair is everything. A bad hair day is worst than a fashion faux-pas.

I have tried the mohawk, afro, weaves (long & short – straight, curly,and wavy), braids, relaxed (Bieber’s style), and even bald..yes…bald in my early years (would never try that again by choice). 

Unlike my usual experimental self, I’ve never tried wigs. Perhaps because I fear someone or the wind might accidentally push or blow it away, leaving my head exposed and ‘me’ embarrassed enough to want to crawl in a hole and hide…the prospect of it is just too scary to me.

The one thing i’ll say about experimenting is – it’s better to do so when one is still able to do so. I mean you clearly wouldn’t look professional with a red colored mohawk in an office. So the time to take a drastic leap of faith will be…well.. now…for some.1236152_10201289928802786_1356830471_n

In college, I literally was stuck with some sort of mohawk or Bieber-style for four years. It was the best hairstyle then because it allowed me to study without the stress of caring about different hairstyles. And let’s face it, as a black woman, it is very expensive and time consuming to have someone braid or weave your hair every month. In college, that’s definitely not a priority in any way.

But don’t be mistaking. I tried so many crazy things with that – If that wasn’t crazy enough. Dyed it blue, purple, or red …good old days.

After four years of hell, I was free. I had the time to sit down for hour and do my braids, weaves, etc. I actually learnt how to braid by myself. A skill so worth acquiring as my mom always says “oh, you’ll save lots of money in the future…Thank God”. If you’re interested in learning, just YouTube it. It’s easier than most think (just time consuming). 12032193_10206657733474548_7965616628530334667_n


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