The One Week Ice Cube Experiment

by Devina

So I read that one of the beauty tips from Victoria Secret models is to rub an ice cube on your skin before you go to bed.

Well, does it really work? Let’s see.

I read also that you have got to be careful. Do not use more than two cubes – and be gentle with your skin. I definitely do not want to damage my skin during a fun experiment. That’d suck.

Day 1:

I rubbed an ice cube all over my face before I went to sleep, and wow, that froze my skin. I was flushed, and I swore that my face went numb. It was a bit uncomfortable falling asleep, but I thought I’d get used to it.

I woke up and touched my skin. It felt smooth.

Day 2:

I got myself a towel. I rubbed an ice cube on my skin again and headed to bed.

Woke up and my skin felt smoother. It was a slight change, but hey, it was still something.

Day 3:

Did it the night before and woke up feeling better about my skin.

Day 4:

I woke up to two zits. Not one, but two. But, I slept really late so that could be the reason why…

I’m one of those people who get zits when they sleep late. So, considering that, it could be the reason why.

Day 5:

Due to the zits, I rubbed the ice cube all over my zits, because I think it was supposed to help reduce them?

Not sure, but I did this, and then woke up with them smaller – usually zits would get bigger and bug me for two to three days.

Day 6:

I can still see the zit marks and everything, but my skin felt like baby butts. Gross, but it’s a relief in a way.

Day 7:

I think I can get used to this. I mean, rub an ice cube on my face every night before I go to sleep. It takes less than a minute every night, and it’s easy. I also heard that you can use infused water to make the cubes, depending on what you need.


It’s been a week and I feel great. My skin feels smoother and even though I still get zits, obviously, it doesn’t bother me as much as it usually does. They say if you mix it with lemon juice, you’ll get a beautiful glow. I might try that and document it soon.

Worth trying? 

Definitely! You just need ice cube!

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