Injustice: gods walking on the streets

by Devina

There are people cloaked in gold robes. They take and receive the best things in the world. And you sit on the dirty, cold ground, wondering what did you ever do wrong?

Why am I being punished?

Some will argue and tell you, don’t listen to hopeful words, don’t listen to talks of fate, and do not listen to kind words given to you to remind you that you will be alright.

Because they believe that you will never be.

I see it in their eyes. Cold stares and deadly silence, the judgment that cuts you open like Valyrian steel. Don’t believe, they’d say, fortune pays no attention to people like us.

And she never will.

They deny the gods for that matter, renouncing their faith and marking the age of skepticism. They will replay the belief in your head, that there isn’t any god. And there isn’t such thing as blessing.

You work hard and that is how you win. You get what you work for, and that is how you control what becomes of you.

But power resides in what men believe. When you believe in something, you give it power. Acknowledgement. Existence.

And when you put yourself as the one who controls your fate, what does that make you?


Then you look around again and realize the injustice. How are some people who never work a day in their lives live like royals? How can someone who is not half as intelligent or ambitious as you get the full scholarship? And you, the top of the class, have to struggle and search for grant to continue education?

How can some horrible people have everything they don’t deserve? How come people who should not have power, have too much?

What are their beliefs? Who are their gods? Where do they reside their power?

And if you give yourself so much power, faith and belief and everything, and still find yourself falling off the cliff every time, what are you?

Good people lose, bad people win.

Which is the cruel god? The one invented for us, or the one we invent?

Or are they the same? Are they just walking among us on the streets, shaking their heads at our life choices, judging our paths, and questioning our worth?

Are they you, disappointed in your own achievements and unsatisfied with what you have? Questioning your own worth and wondering if this is it?

Is this all there is?


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