X-Men: CGI Apocalypse

by Devina

Two things: CGI and Cliches.

So we start with the first mutants in the world trying to transfer their leader, Poe Dameron – kidding, it’s Apocalypse, played by Oscar Isaac, into another body. I believe the name is En Sabah Nur or something, but I prefer calling him Apocalypse.

A rebellious movement decide to put an end to the false gods and stop it. Apocalypse who has been put to sleep before his soul is transferred, survives and lies under ruins for thousands of years.

In present day, we have our heroes, Charles teaching his students at the school for the gifted. He’s got Hank to help him, and together they run the school at peace.

Unfortunately, some parts of the worlds still treat mutants as threats and go as far as killing and torturing them. Raven still goes from one place to another, rescuing mutants who are treated like animals, and fights her own mini battles.

Then we get to meet the future X-Men we have known and loved from the original movies.

Scott Summers, the younger brother of Havok, is troubled due to discovering his mutant ability. His eyes can beat Superman’s heat vision, in my opinion, and it’s scary. He can’t open his eyes or he might destroy everything his eyes pass. Havok takes his brother to Charles, and trusts the little one into the professor’s care.

Then we are introduced to young Jean, played by Game of Thrones’s Sophie Turner (excellent choice), who later on plays a huge role in the final battle.

If you remember, Jean has another side of her named Phoenix, and this movie introduces Phoenix to us.

Eric, our Magneto, has been trying to live as a normal man. He hides his power and marries a lovely woman. Together, they have a daughter, Nina, who is basically Eric’s world. Sadly, when his coworkers discover Eric’s power, they report him and despite having a good reputation in the community, Eric is confronted in the most painful way possible: the death of his wife and daughter.

Things got really ugly when Apocalypse is resurrected and he starts recruiting his dream team. He finds a girl who controls the weather, Storm, and makes her his first recruit. Then, they go and find Psylocke, recruiting her as well. Afterwards, they approach Angel, and finally, the grieving Eric.

Apocalypse seems to have a dream career set on mind: a stylist. He has been giving everyone a makeover. New hair, new outfits, new wings, new helmet, and brand new attitude.

Then, when Apocalypse meets Charles, he decides to transfer himself next to the professor’s body and gain his power. But of course, how can he do such thing when the X-Men are there to stop him?

This movie is stunning. Visually it’s beautiful. I don’t think the CGI is that bad, I think it’s quite fair. I mean, how much money do you want to spend on a movie for CGI? It is insanely CGI heavy. You see it everywhere. CGI, CGI, CGI, and CGI.

The story itself, I do not have so much faith in. I do love how things are connected and you have strings of stories from one end to another. However, that’s just about how far it gets. Am I invested in the characters? Not really. I have almost zero attachment to them.

Except Raven, of course, Raven I love. And Quicksilver. Seriously, he might have saved the movie for me. Him running around with Sweet Dreams as the background song is awesome.

The cast choices are brilliant, in my opinion. I respect the justice done to our original X-Men.

Unfortunately, it is really cliche, and you know exactly what will happen. We miss the game of guesses, because this is a prequel to our X-Men movies. This is what has happened before they grow up and become our action figure collection. We know Apocalypse won’t win, we know they’re all going to be okay. All that we observe now is how much will this movie tie up to the original ones? How much information can we gather that we found lacking before? What fun revelations are there?

Not much, I must say.

I give this movie 7.5/10. Watch it only if you have seen the other X-Men movies, or else you’ll be asking left and right, “Who this? Who that? Why are they together?”




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