The dirt where it now lies


Sometimes a leaf drops and I quiver

Not like the chill wind blew by

Or the ghost that lurks the day

I just shiver as it falls

Slowly without a care or effort

As if gradually sparcing out into the unknown

Lazily as the sun drifts beneath

Into a depth where hell dwells

Blazing anything close with jealous fury

I stare without staring

It’s reluctant in its fall

Inattentive to the thing beneath my shades

Shameless to its companion nature

I stare without staring

Till it lapses on the pasture beneath

Then my stare drifts aloft

Another drops – this time I don’t quiver

I just stare without empathy

This one seems beautous but vacuous

Like any number two – it’s not recalled

So, I whirl away and walk home

Leaving it to the dirt where it now lies.


By Daniella D

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