Phrase of the Week: Hold the Door 

by Devina

“Hold the door!” Meera said.

And that moment I knew, and I prayed to the old gods and the new that nothing bad would happen. That Wylis would live.

But I could not hold it. Tears flooded my face and my heart felt stung.

The moment I heard Summer getting stabbed I started clutching onto the pillows and hoping that it was just a dream.

I kept saying to the TV, “No, no, no, no, no, no…” As if it understood me and could change what was to come.

And there he was, little Wylis, down on the ground repeating the words that would haunt me for a while now.

“Hold the door…”

And I let my tears go freely, hugging myself and praying that it would end.


And the screen went black.

Game of Thrones, oh how you have ruined me.

I stared at the screen for what seemed to be eternity, wondering if I could erase that from my memory.

All the happy moments, be it of Daenerys and the strange romance between Tormund and Brienne, disappeared and forgotten.

And my heart fell out to the floor and broke into a million pieces.

I googled the shit out of my browser, looking for answers to my questions of:

Is Brandon Stark that important?

Is he worth it? Will I ever be able to hold the door for anyone now when I’m asked to?

How are other people feeling about this?

I went on Twitter and found comfort in the fact that a lot of people out there were too, crying. I wasn’t alone.

And how are we supposed to move on from this?

How will we react when someone asks us to hold the door?

I’m bleeding internally and it’s been almost a week.

Seriously Game of Thrones has ruined me. And I let it. Every time.

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