Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies: Beauty and Brains

by Devina

I was floored. I was on the plane, browsing movies to watch when it hit me that, “Oh, I haven’t seen this one.”

I didn’t check the reviews or read any of it, but I heard some people when they said, “Don’t watch it.”

Of course, entertainment is personal. Some people might like a movie, some might hate it.

ppz zombie

And this movie reminded me that sometimes, it is important to just watch a movie and enjoy it. No analysis, no critics, but just you and a movie.

So we meet Elizabeth (the new Disney Cinderella’s Lily James) or Lizzy Bennet. Lizzy is a strong fighter who is trained to fight zombies. At that time, everyone is fighting the zombies to survive. Those infected will be killed. It is to kill them or be infected. To live is to be safe. However, it is still important for girls to be married. The family isn’t sure that the tough, independent Lizzy will be a good match for anyone.

But Lizzy isn’t affected by other’s opinions.

In the Bennet household, Jane is the fairest. The parents are optimistic that Jane will win over the heart of the new resident in town, Mr. Bingley. Bingley is a handsome, young rich man who just moves into town, and easily falls in love with the beautiful Jane.

He also comes with a friend, the trained zombie fighter Mr. Darcy (Maleficent’s Sam Ridley), who is cold and brutally honest. He spots Lizzy and comments on her, resulting in growing tension between the two, with both noting each other’s pride and arrogance.

However, Mr. Darcy becomes infatuated when he watches Lizzy fight the zombies.

Then from then on, we get to witness the awkward crush and will-they-will-they-not scenes dragged on and on throughout the storyline.

I enjoyed it.

I loved the cast. I was surprisingly pleased with the role given to Matt Smith. I love the guy, and I thought he was adorable and funny. It was watching Dr. Who meeting Cersei Lannister with Lady Rose Aldridge. Ah, my brains.

Speaking of brains. Zombies.

I found it refreshing, and fun. It wasn’t the best movie, obviously, for it’s flawed here and there. But I enjoy the zombie slashing being added to a classic romance.

It seems like this movie, or the novel it’s based on, was written for people like me. People who enjoy strange fantasies and cannot stand pure romance – people who love the touch of supernaturals in their love stories.

If I did not like Pride and Prejudice then, I do now. And it’s thanks to this movie.

I give Pride Prejudice and Zombies a 6.5/10.

It’s fun. I’ll watch it again for sure. And it also makes me wish there’s a Mr. Darcy who can kill zombies out there for me. If only.


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