Lady Lyanna Mormont: Talk to the Hand

by Devina

Has anyone seen the new episode of Game of Thrones?

Because I have just met my new favorite girl: Lady Lyanna Mormont of Bear Island.

I’ve been dying to see her ever since the letter came around.


She is 10 years old and incredibly sassy. Who knew that the mighty Jon Snow would be silenced by a little queen? Or that the survivor Sansa (Stark?) would be speechless, reminded of her failed marriages and conflicted status?

She doesn’t take bullshit and doesn’t waste time with small talks. This girl knows her place, knows her power, and she isn’t afraid of anyone walking into her castle.

Because she owns the place.

She acts as a ruler and she doesn’t get swayed easily by flattery. She thinks and acts like a good ruler does, and it’s beyond impressive.

This girl shows more courage and guts than Tommen ever does, and she is much younger. She is feisty, and reminds me of our precious Arya Stark.

Lyanna should be sitting on the iron throne, not Tommen.

Perhaps, if Arya had been named the head of Stark, she would rule like Lyanna. Perhaps.

But this girl is one powerful woman in the making.

She puts the other rulers to shame.


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