What’s my fuss over this?

By Daniella D.

For the past couple of days, I have been obsessed with the Mindy project. If someone walked into my room during the few days I was curled up in a blanket, watching the entire four seasons, I would have probably chased them out with a pillow unless they had some sort of sandwich or snack to feed my enormous cravings.

I still don’t understand why I overfed myself during those few days. However, a part of me can’t help but attribute my careless consumption to watching this show which made me realize that one could still own it regardless of size, color, etc.

Three things I learnt from watching this show:

1.) Weight doesn’t and shouldn’t affect your character/confidence:

When we first pictured a ‘successful city girl’ based on what the TV fed us over the years, it wasn’t someone like Mindy Lahiri who came to mind. Those thoughts were often crowded with pictures or scenes from popular shows like ‘Sex and the City’ which though I haven’t personally watched (you can shun me about this later), I have heard so much about from my bestie who absolutely adores binging on it whenever she can.

However, such stereotype are slowly shedding off with every juicy episode from popular shows like ‘the Mindy Project’, which showcases a successful surgeon, Mindy Lahiri, with a life which most of us secretly or not envy. She lives in a big city, co-owns a practice, and is surrounded by harmonious co-workers. Apart from being super confident, unapologetic, and just sexy, Mindy represents the everyday woman out there with a yearning for love.

2.) TV indirectly affects/impacts the way you perceive yourself

This is just as straight as it sounds, what you see on TV constantly does affect your way of thinking. Even without the whole ‘scientifically proven’ argument, I know this for a fact because for years, I thought something was wrong with me…funny but not so Lol!

I wouldn’t get into it here, however, looking at it more in my recent obsession with this sitcom, I realized that I started to not care about my weight. And strangely, I was happier and confident for a few days. I saw myself in her character and I was like “who cares if I gain a few more, I still look fly”. I really appreciated myself a lot more just by seeing someone else own it on TV without looking like a complete unattainable version of oneself.

3.) Romance is a series of Ups and Downs

I wouldn’t even try to go into any depths with this one because the depths are never ending.

Romance – love – finding the one prince-charming after a series of ones. This sitcom perfectly captures the life of a young single successful woman who seeks, find, loses, gets into trouble a few times, then truly finds her one love. But it doesn’t end there….trust me

In the later seasons, audience are introduced to real life obstacles facing interracial couples, work-family conflicts, and several other issues affecting everyday people.

As you watch this show, you will be caught in a series of hilarious/sensitive moments that’ll surely leave you wanting more.






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