Now You See Me 2: Sweet Revenge

by Devina

Remember the first movie? How confusing and fun it was?

That was guilty pleasure.

Now we start the movie with little Dylan watching his father perform the trick with the safe 30 years ago. There’s a younger version of Morgan Freeman, and it takes me re-watching the first movie to notice that the little kid from the first movie portraying young Dylan and the one in this movie are different. So are the fathers by the way.

I wonder if they actually watched the first movie first and tried to write a story without obvious plot holes. But I doubt it.

The horsemen have been hiding for a year now, following the Eye’s rules blindly, and trusting their lives into Dylan’s hands.

Daniel, the control freak on the team, wants to be the leader. He can’t deal with following Dylan any longer and decides to contact the Eye alone.

Then we get to meet Lula, a newcomer who comes in with of course, a good answer to our questions on if Isla Fisher is in the movie. “Henley left you,” she says to Daniel, indirectly telling us that, “Hey, sorry, Isla isn’t here.”

Afterwards, we get to watch some of the weirdest story line ever.

I remember mouthing, “No, no, no, no, no,” when they’re about to introduce Walter, Daniel Radcliffe’s character, to us. How ironic is it that Radcliffe is in a movie about magic? He’s a freaking wizard, the chosen one!

In the name of Albus Dumbledore, NO.

now you see me 2 radcliffe

Hell no.

Okay, so apparently Walter wants to have his revenge over his father’s debacle in the first movie. Remember the billionaire the team took down? Yea, this is one of his illegitimate sons.

And remember Morgan Freeman? Yeah, he is still around. And it makes me happy, really, to see how well decorated his prison cell is. Damn, the man is living large.

And so Morgan Freeman is kinda going rogue. He’s working with Dylan, then he disappears and works with Walter, and then he’s gone and working for the FBI (well, more like distracting them), and then he turns out to be a part of the Eye.

If he was a part of the Eye, then how did he end up so screwed up in the first movie? Wasn’t everyone working for him? Including Dylan?

How could he allow Dylan and the team take him down like that? To keep himself in the dark? So that they wouldn’t know who he was? Right before inviting them to the Eye?

What on earth?

Don’t even get me to start listing down what’s wrong in this movie. It’ll be a long list, and perhaps even longer than my many questions.

Answered by CGI effect explanation.

The dialogue in this movie was chaotic. I don’t even want to read the script even if someone pays me good money to do so.

The story was all over the place. And yes, some parts I did enjoy.

Like when they toss around a card while being searched thoroughly. That’s cool. Like, super cool. I might watch this movie again only for that scene.

But everything else?

Characters are okay. Lizzy Caplan is adorable though, that I can say, even though I miss Isla so much. Merit’s twin brother, oh my goodness, is the worst part in this movie.

At the very least, we see character development, especially in Daniel and Dylan. Those two actually grow, in the most convenient and poorly written way possible, but it’s still something. Jesse Eisenberg and Mark Ruffalo are still the most interesting to watch in this movie.

Oh, and Morgan Freeman’s voice.

Now You See Me 2 gets a 6/10. I prefer the first one.




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