10 Simple Ways to Spice that CASUAL Look

For starters, I love my hair up in a bun, especially during the summer holidays.

As for my style, I usually go with whatever is in my closet. A little reinventing goes a long way. But mostly, I go for simple since I am under no obligation to look sophisticated.

The simpler the better!


With the blazer/suit on, it looks pretty damn better


Love the red-white & black combo. Imagine it with a red popping lipstick??


This is more of a Friday casual day outfit because after work, you bet it’s going to be outing time.


If you are familiar with kurtis, you’ll realize that the shirt below looks like one. Well guess what? It is. A kurti tucked in…inventive right? IMG_20160616_171435

Recognize this skirt from the first picture?


One of my favorite looks right here!

IMG_20160613_170038Another simple style with those ‘wanna look smarter glasses’
IMG_20160610_212929This skirt is everything…trust me!

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