Finding Dory: Unforgettable

by Devina

Finding Dory is a MUST SEE movie. MUST SEE.

I don’t care how busy your schedule is for the next few weeks, you have to see this movie.

It is A-DORY-BLE. And so sad at the same time.

We are introduced to the new trending topic #babydory who is a little squish with big eyes and angelic voice – learning how to inform people that she suffers from short term memory loss.


Dory’s parents, Jenny and Charlie, make sure that Dory stays safe, and doesn’t feel rejected in any way. Seriously y’all, they’re parents of the year.

Years later Dory, now living with Marlin and Nemo, suddenly remembers her parents, and decides to go find them.

Marlin objects at first, but then is reminded that this search is just as important as his search for Nemo.

So they go to California and end up at the marine institute, where Dory is from.

Over there, Dory is already separated from Marlin and Nemo, but finds a friend, an octopus named Hank. And Hank decides to help Dory in exchange of a favor.

Meanwhile, Nemo and Marlin are looking for Dory.

This movie has so much going on and it’s not at all messy. The story flows beautifully, and we’re invested in the characters.

It’s not an overly complicated story, where there’s a villain and crazy drama takes place. It’s just a simple story of a fish who wants to find her family. And I know, they’re fish, but truly, we can relate to the story.

I was excited for Dory, I was sad and happy for her, crying over here and there, and I was totally invested in this blue tang fish.

Ellen DeGeneres is brilliant. Her voice is magic. And it made me so happy to hear Sloane Murray as baby Dory, because my goodness, that baby is the most adorable thing ever.

The other characters are well developed and too much fun. I love Destiny and Hank.

I mean, seriously, look at her.

Finding Dory gets a 9/10 from me. This is a movie you don’t want to miss. It’s got a wonderful message for audience. It teaches us a lot about the struggle of growing up with a disability, and it helps us understand.

I love this movie. I want to see it again, I want to buy the DVD, and I want to have it saved on my laptop. So I can watch it whenever.

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