Pan: the Lost Boy

by Devina

I finally got to see Pan.

It was on the plane and I was extremely bored. After deciding that watching Zootopia for the xx-th time wouldn’t be that healthy, I thought I’d watch something I had avoided to see but really should.


So the movie started with a girl who to me looked a lot like Seyfried (and turned out it really was her) placing an adorable baby in front of an orphanage door, tucking in a letter in his blanket, and giving him a necklace.

12 years forward, the boy, Peter, grew into a sneaky little kid who liked breaking into the nun’s chamber and well, just trying to find out where he was from really.

And Peter and his best friend found the letter that his mother wrote for him – something that triggered him to start searching for her.

Then, one night, a flying ship with pirates kidnapped the children in the orphanage, including Peter. Unfortunately, his best friend jumped off the ship and they left him behind.

Peter then was taken with the rest to Neverland to serve Blackbeard (my beloved Hugh Jackman) as his minions.

There, Peter met James Hook, a handsome, cynical man who had been serving Hook for too long.

Oh my goodness I don’t even want to finish this.

Well, long story short, Peter turned out to be the missing prince of the fairies. And in some old prophecy it was said that he was promised to set them free.

Or something like that.

This movie was entertaining – and that’s all I could say. The story line was a bit messy, and I tried so hard to put pieces of them together into one beautiful story, but they were so all over the place that I found it hard to picture a perfect story altogether.

Story telling wasn’t the strongest point in this movie, and everyone knows how important it is.

The acting made me want to cry.

Levi Miller, may the gods bless this child. He’s a pretty face, and what an adorable smile.I love this kid the moment I saw him on screen.

But my oh my, he needs more experience and training. I believe he’s done his best, but it’s not exactly on point.

And don’t get me started on Hugh Jackman. His acting, on the other hand, is over the top. I love Jackman, I really do, I call him my “husband” and my friends tease me about it. So of course, I was excited when I found out that he’d be in this movie.

And boy did disappointment hit hard.

This movie has a lot of cliches that we don’t want. A lot of unwanted plot lines and characters we just don’t care.

Blackbeard is one character nobody cares about. You’re not invested in his character. You’re not invested in Peter trying to find his mother. You’re not invested in the fact that the fairies are going extinct.

There’s nothing that’s believable to truly invest in.

Pan got a 5/10 from me. And as much as I hate it, I do kind of like the weird cliche parts happening. So it’ll be a guilty pleasure from now on.

But there are so many Peter Pan movies already made for that.

So who cares.





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