A Walk to Remember: No Miracle

By Devina

I remember the hotel room. I was sitting on the bed that morning, clutching onto the blankets, tears streaming down my face, eyes blood shot red, and my mind numb.

My friend got out of the bathroom, seemed puzzled for a second before she put the whole picture together in her head.

The TV was on, playing A Walk to Remember, and there I was, sobbing like a little child who lost a lightsaber, being pathetic.

“Dude!” She raised an eyebrow and continued, “Dude you’re serious now?”

“I know!” was all I could say.

Mandy Moore and Shane West worked some magic in that movie. Now, I am not a fan of Nicholas Sparks, because I’m just not into romances, but I have a soft spot for stories about people dying.

Once upon a time, the popular bad boy Landon started to get to know a geeky girl from his school, Jamie. Despite all his friends making fun of her, Landon still insisted to be with her and ended up falling head over heels for the geeky, quiet Jamie.

He tried to make her happy, and after he found out that Jamie was dying from leukemia, he tried even harder to make all of Jamie’s dreams come true.

It’s so sad.

And I don’t know what’s more heartbreaking. The fact that a boy could do so much for a girl he loved, or the fact that we wouldn’t be seeing this kind of love given to u

In A Walk to Remember, we see a bad boy gone good for the girl. It’s just like 10 Things I Hate about You when the guy changed. Or well, he stopped smoking.

In some movies we have the girls changed for the guys. Like Confession of a Shopaholic or wow, I really need to see more romantic movies. But you see the thing is that, we have a lot of bad guys changing for the girls, and not enough of the other way around. And when we get them, they are not promoted enough.

The movies we grew up with encourage young women to hope. To see the good in men who hate commitment and fear abandonment. To see the happiness that comes after “fixing” them.

Or, even better, after the guys fix themselves to be worthy of us.

The movies put us all in the higher place. The place of “no settling for less” and “I deserve better than you” statements. Which, in some cases are true by the way.

But life ain’t a fairy tale.

And A Walk to Remember is a tragic fairy tale that gives me a glimpse of hope that such love exists. I don’t doubt it’s existence.

But to know that it’s so special that it becomes a published story, that the chance of having that is 1/1000000000000000000000000000…0 (ran out of 0s); truth be told, we all are damned.

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