Lost in Conversation

Have you ever been in a room with friends or acquaintances and they are talking about the recent episode of a series and you absolutely have no idea what they’re talking about? Like they talk and all you can think about is “Dafug – are they throwing shade at me or what?”

8 Iconic movies/TV series I have never watched:

  1. Game of Thrones – Yap! the ULTIMATE ‘Game of Thrones’.
  2. Sex and the city – I might watch it someday.
  3. Gossip Girl – My sis adored that show when it still was on air, not really my type.
  4. Pretty Woman – I know what you’re thinking as of now– Yes, crazy … right?
  5. Star wars – Can’t blame me for not being a nerd, can you?
  6. The pursuit of Happiness – I am actually emotionally preparing myself to watch this movie because I don’t like crying through a movie.
  7. Lord of the Rings – I truly tried this one but ‘oh boy’, it was so long and boring…I slept
  8. How I met your mother – I didn’t really like it

Yes, I know what y’all thinking? How? How haven’t you watched any of these? Did you live under a rock or something? Well, there’s a longer list of where these came from.

If you’re like me, you have no particular type of movies you love. You just kind of go with the flow, with the tiny exception of those very few movies that catch your attention and you end up obsessing about it for a long time. Mine is a 1999  movie called ‘the Mummy’, ‘Rush Hour’, and the original version of ‘Pride and Prejudice’.

Yes, very old movies and very few movies. I remember my ex-roommate once said I have the same taste in movies like a fourteen year old boy (she was talking about my overflowing love for the ‘Mummy’ and ‘Rush Hour’). I still disagree with that opinion. What do you think? Is she right?  I mean, I love other movies too, but ……

So anyways, if you’re like me, surrounded by a pool of friends or siblings obsessed with the iconic movies/tv series which you have very little interest in or just haven’t watched it yet, what do you do when they’re having a fanatic conversation about {let’s say} Game of Thrones? or Star Wars? Do you also go through the whole “Uhm…yes!….Yea, loved that scene” without knowing a thing about the discussion?

Well, here are five ways to make your way safely through these conversations without sounding completely out of hand. You can tell me “Thank you” later~

1.) Start asking generic questions such as  – Did you like the ending? OR who was you favorite actor?

2.) Make it seem like you’re texting someone, and use that phone of yours to read reviews or the plot of the movie. Or watch a trailer pertaining to the movie/show.

3.) Act like you hated something about the movie and when the person objects with an argument, use that to your advantage to learn a little more about the movie.

4.) Shift the conversation slowly but surely.

5.) Just be Honest – Confess you didn’t watch the movie and proceed to quietly sit there watch them look at you like ‘WHAT!!!’



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