With so Much Broken, Lost, and Mended so Poorly – How can’t I be?

The heart is pierced once more

My face embodies sadness covered by blankness and a fake excuse of tiredness.

College really taught me one thing

Standing despite being knocked down numerous times

I don’t know how I still smile or more so – laugh

And they say ‘I’m a pessimist’ – How can’t I be?

With hopes and dreams broken so often – Here I still stand

With only myself to mend the broken dreams

To gather the pieces safely without bruising – Here I am

Seemingly put together

Fearless, neat, smiling with a burden I take to bed

And romance over till I feel satisfied

All is fine, right? Or it’ll be – they keep telling me

‘Who?’ Those who claim have been there

Lived it and associate it with a phase that’ll pass

‘When?’ When I ask – soon

A ‘soon’ that’s without a timeline

‘Oh’ I get it but the bitterness on-goes

Expect the better – I do so

Keep going – I go, run even

Fall, bleed but keep hopping with a broken knee

While appearing to all as if skating so effortlessly

With a consuming smile

All is fine, right? Or it’ll be – I keep hearing

And keep hopping with that camera ready exhausting smile

“Oh Das!”

‘Why’re you always such a pessimist?’ – How can’t I be?

With so much broken, lost, and mended so poorly – How can’t I be?

By Daniella D

Image Source: www.pixelstalk.net

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