Last Words

by Devina

At times when I am scared for my life, no, not because I fear death, but other things I might miss… I will go back and trace every word spoken to everyone who matters to me.

What was the last thing I said to them?

Was it “See ya later”? Was it “I love you”? Was it “If I die today, I’ll haunt you tomorrow”?

What was it?

I was on a lot of plane rides this year, and due to the stormy weather, I had moments when I just questioned, “Is this the end? What did I last say to mom?”

I couldn’t remember.

And I can’t ever remember whatever last thing I say to someone before saying goodbye.

We never know our last moments and when they’ll arrive. Death can knock on your door now and you never see it coming.

But what’s your fear? Is it the money you’ll leave behind? Or is it harsh things you’ve said to others and haven’t gotten the chance to apologize for?

Because time is running out.

And I do not want to leave knowing that the last thing I have said to someone who means the world to me is “I am mad at you,” or something like that.

Maybe there’s a way to prevent that.

To reduce the stress within the last few minutes of one’s life.

And perhaps all we need to do is simple. To end every conversation with something positive. Something that shows someone how we truly feel about that person.

Not just on the day of anger, but on everything you’ve gone through.

“You’re an amazing friend, I love you. See you tomorrow.”

“You just made my day. Thank you.”

“Do you know you have the brightest smile? Absolutely beautiful. I’ll be going now.”

“Thank you for meeting me. You’re always on time and I can always count on you.”

Wouldn’t that be better?

And if I die today, I have no regret.

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