Social Experiment: Tinder Disaster

By Devina

My friends told me to give Tinder a try, and it’s been repeated to me so much that I decided to give it a trial period. 5 days only, s’il vous plait.

My friends found great friends on Tinder, so everytime I said, “But Tinder is like match making app,” they went, “No! Tinder is where I find my friends. This is an app to find friends on.”

So I don’t know if I had taken this experiment to prove them wrong or right. But let me say that my experience with Tinder proved to be some of the worst times ever. But of course, it wasn’t as bad as I said it was.

Here’s the recap of my days before I uninstalled it.

Day 1: Superlikes and no Match 

I kept getting notifications and for some reason Tinder froze everytime I wanted to check who super liked me. Apparently even Tinder was horrified of these men.

Sometime in the early AM, one of the guys I happened to “match” with asked me, “Can you come over now?”

I’d specifically put “looking for friends” on my profile. But okay. So I responded with “If this is to deeply analyze Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice then sure.”

He never replied back.

On the bright side, I made a friend. I found someone who was into art and history and so we started talking and exchanging ideas.

Day 2: Blocked 

I had to block five guys. They found my ID on apps and started sending me messages. And I was surprised because I didn’t put my ID anywhere on Tinder, and a guy whom I asked “how did you get this id?” Answered with “delete your account if you don’t want a guy to message you privately.”

So I blocked him and the other two guys who were asking for me to send assassins their way.

And I started to get the feel that none of the girls swiped right on me. Or maybe they just filtered their search to men only.

Day 3: Friends 

Two girls matched with me! We exchanged contact info and eventually, someday, we will meet.

I also got into interesting conversations about TV shows and movies with some people.

I probably will never meet them, and it’s okay. I mean, it kind of feels safer this way.

Oh and I accidentally super liked someone, who was so flattered he messaged me right away and said, “So you like what you saw, huh?”

Ew. No.

Day 4: Old friends 

I spotted a couple of old friends on Tinder! Ahah! I swiped right, knowing that chances are, they swiped right too because well, isn’t it funny to find your friends on Tinder?

So we talked and they went, “What on earth are you doing here?”

I’m glad that somehow people out there just believe that I’m super backward and have no intention in making new friends. I am old fashioned! But seriously not that bad.

Day 5: Uninstalled 

I decided to keep in touch with some people I’ve met on Tinder. I swiped right mostly on people who wrote “Looking for friends only” and well, they’re pretty cool.

Some of them bonded with me over Game of Thrones, some over having been social workers as well, and it’s pretty neat.

In the end, I have found several friends I obviously wouldn’t have gotten to know if I’d never installed Tinder.

But the time was up, and I had to uninstall. No more random booty calls, no more random pickup lines, and no more creeps stalking my Instagram.

And with that off my phone, I installed Pokemon Go.


Is Tinder worth it? Depends on what we need. For people looking for hookups, I guess it is. There is a little group of people there who are just looking for friends because they’re shy and interact with people better on social media, and that’s fine.

If you’re looking for friends, it’s possible too. I mean, I got potential friends. But of course, as a girl, I had to bear the cat calls and horrible flirting thrown my way.

Will I ever install it again? Hell no. I think five days are enough.

And is Pokemon Go worth it? TOTALLY.

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