Pokemon Go Ruined My Life 

By Devina

And you know what, that’s a lie. Or at least if it’s the truth, I love it.

This game is a childhood reliving stage at its best.

I heard some people say when I was actively searching for Pokemon,

“She must be single.”

And I brought it up to another friend who’s also single and playing Pokemon. That well hey, they’re right.

How can you be in a relationship, unless of course, your partner plays Pokemon Go too.

You won’t be able to give anyone your undivided attention.

When you’re on a date, and you get notified that Pikachu is around, chances are you’ll take your phone and ditch your date without even realizing what you’re doing.

It’s like reflex.

And your excitement over catching a rare Pokemon is more than anything a romantic partner can offer at the moment.

Why? Because Pokemon is childhood. It’s a dream you’ve had for years but always thought would never have.

It’s the “I wish those were real.”

Well, ugly truth is that they aren’t real. But you can try to catch them! And this is the best thing you’ve had in years!

So, I GO with Pokemon GO. There’s no going back now. Gotta catch’em all!

And please, you’d be lying if you said these didn’t get you excited.

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