Pokemon GO in Dating World

GPS signal not found, no Pokemon nearby 

You’re a little lost in life. You can’t and shouldn’t date. Now focus on something else in your life and stop searching for love.

A lot of basic Pokemon nearby

You’re surrounded by singles and availables. But do you really want to waste your time with them? Your Pokeballs are like precious time.

A rare Pokemon appears unexpectedly 

A Growlithe, which wasn’t anywhere on radar throughout the week, appeared when I was doing number 2. It’s like when people tell you “Love will come to you when you least expect it.”

You’re at a Pokestop with lure, and Weedles appear 

You’re hot as hell and you’re hit on by either players or exes who can’t give you up.

You’re at a Pokestop and different types of Pokemon show up 

It’s like when you try a little harder. Either you start going out more or polishing yourself up, that interesting people start to notice you. Yeah, take advantage.

You’re at a Pokestop and no Pokemon shows up 

You’re super amazing, and a great catch. Unfortunately everyone cool is taken. You can keep waiting though. Maybe a Weedle will appear.

You’re on the move and Pokemon keep on running away

It’s like you’re going so fast in life that flings come and go like in a blink of an eye. You don’t even remember most of their names, but you know you definitely had them and wasted like two or three Pokeballs before you let go.

You’re at a Pokestop and a rare Pokemon appears 

You know you’re meant to be. I mean, you’re right there, at the right time, and there comes your dream partner. As expected.

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