Pursuing One’s Happiness

I have been broken many times, and it’s not a surprise again that I will be broken many more times. 
People hurt people. People scratch and burn you, not because they want to sometimes, but because they love themselves more. 
Unfortunately when that happens, they break other people. 
They break you and me. 
But I won’t break myself more. I won’t cry myself to bed throwing blames at people who only fight for their happiness. 
I can’t judge them harshly. Some days I have done the same, putting my happiness first and hurting others. 
It’s just a part of life, after all. 
It’s what interaction brings. 
And there is no point in hoping you won’t ever get hurt again, because for as long as people put themselves first, they will hurt you, as you them. 
Some parents will hold onto their children because seeing their children safe and close makes them happy. Are the children happy? I don’t think so. And in the end, the children will leave anyway because they want to find their own happiness. Either way, one party is sad. 
A jealous partner will hold onto the partner because knowing that chances of infidelity are minimized makes him or her happy. Is the partner happy? I doubt it. But the partner might decide to one day sneak out and Pokemon GO the whole day because the desire for personal happiness will always be there. 
A selfless person might do what she does for the sake of her pride and sense of nobility. Does she truly care? Perhaps. I always admire these people. But there’s always a drive, something in what we do that benefits us. 
That is for us.
Meanwhile, as I bleed out and wish for things to be different, my mind is screaming, “Protect that heart!” Because in the end, my own happiness matters. 
In the end, I too fall into putting my own happiness first. And when anyone questions, I’ll say, “Don’t I have the right to be happy?” 

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