Star Trek: Beyond Expectation

By Devina

I didn’t see the trailer, and I had no idea what to expect.

But whatever expectation I could have had if I’d seen the trailer, this movie surpassed that and more.

Star Trek Beyond is a beautiful movie. It’s not boring, because we are not stuck on the ship the whole time, but we are let to explore with the crew.

Here we have Captain Kirk thinking of not flying anymore, he is worn out and tired, and he just wants to go.

Spock is concerned about his people, and wants to do what is best for Vulcan. This drives him away from Uhura, who ends the relationship. He also wants to focus on rebuilding Vulcan and leaving the crew.

Then unfortunately, before Kirk and Spock can tell each other what is going on, they get attacked by an army led by an evil dude named Krall.

The crew have to evacuate from the ship, and land on a mysterious planet. Bones and Spock are stuck together, and Bones has to help the injured Spock. This is actually a nice development. Most of the time, we get to see the relationship between Spock and Kirk; however, this time we get to see Spock being best friends with someone else on the team.

Scotty lands in the most unfortunate way, but makes it alive, and later on is saved by a strong scavenger named Jaylah. Jaylah asks Scotty to help her fix her home, which turns out to be the old, missing USS Franklin.

Uhura and the rest of the crew are being held hostage by Krall, with Uhura being strangely held close by Krall.

So, Kirk and Chekhov finally finally figure out who the traitor on the ship, a passenger they rescued earlier, and find Scotty and Jaylah. Together, they track down Bones and Spock, and then start planning the rescue for the others.

This movie is a lot of fun. It explores a lot of the relationships, and it gives us a closer look at the crew members. It’s not just them fighting and flying, it’s them surviving and working together while wondering if this is what they should be doing or if they should go.

I am thoroughly impressed, and it hasn’t happened a lot. I mean, I liked the last Star Trek, but I probably wouldn’t watch it randomly at night when I got bored. This movie, however, I’ll definitely watch again. And definitely recommend to my friends.

And yes, the title annoys me.

But Star Trek Beyond gets an 8.5/10 from me. It’s entertaining, it’s beautiful, and it’s much better than what I expected.

To Leonard Nimoy. And Anton Yelchin.




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