An Open Letter to the Givers

I know you exist. Yes, you out there, you who always make time for people. You who always make sure everyone is alright. You who always sit down to listen to those who don’t care that you actually have your own pain.

I hope you know how I admire your strength, your courage in looking out for people you care about even when you have nothing. I hope you know that they probably admire you for it too.

I hope you know that when your friends ditch you on your birthday, or when they refuse to answer your call when you need someone to talk to, or when you cry alone in the dark because nobody is there for you, that you are not alone.

And that in being a giver, you deserve to receive too. You deserve to let others give to you, let them take care of you, and let yourself be vulnerable for once.

And that in being too kind, you are not stupid. You are just unwilling to go against your heart, and your heart is strong enough to take up everyone’s pain.

Most importantly, you are not alone. There are others who are just like you too.

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