Creed: Be Your Own Legend

by Devina

Michael B. Jordan is a rising star who hasn’t disappointed me yet. At some point in their career, actors will always disappoint you.

Well, Creed proved me that this boy is going the distance, and he is slowly climbing up the ladder as one of the hottest young stars.

Hot. Mark my words. Hot.

So we started with Adonis, an orphan who met his father’s wife for the first time. Despite knowing that Adonis was the love child of her deceased husband’s affair, she took him in and treated him like her own.

His father was Apollo Creed, a legend in the boxing world. And Adonis picked up that trait, his passion for fights, his desire to be strong.

So when Adonis one day decided to quit his job to pursue career in boxing, his foster mother could not say no. She let him go, although she was angry and heartbroken, and he set out to make his own mark.

He decided to seek out Rocky Balboa, and ended up training with him. Things got difficult when Rocky was diagnosed with cancer, and Adonis stayed with him throughout the treatments and all the struggles.

And at the same time, Adonis was becoming the fighter he’d always wanted to be.

Soon enough, he would make his own mark.

Sylvester Stallone as Rocky was compelling. Michael and Sylvester had this chemistry that I adored. Their relationship was the focus of this movie, and we got to see Adonis finally have a father figure in his life.

The story flew beautifully. There wasn’t much of the back story to support, but the actors portrayed the emotions so well that audience could feel the pain of the past.

I loved this movie. I would watch it again, for sure, and recommend it to all my friends.

Creed is a solid 8/10. It’s well written, well acted, and it delivers.

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