One as a People


Skin so dark only comparable to night – One which makes us unique and proud

Eyes so round and bright as full moon – One which is full of hope

A body explained by our preserved nature – One which is strong like nothing you know

A mind, smart but unused – Explained by a history that dictates our present

A full stomach from our mother’s farm – Also from a land that feeds its children

A culture stagnant through time – A treasure like nothing you’ve ever set your eyes on

One which defines our being – And enables us to love a painful past

A smile placed on our face upon conception – One which smiles even in the face of sadness

The love of music which again brings joy to our world – One which moves our bodies to dance away the pain

A beauty unmatched and unknown to many – One that arouses fear for the unknown

A love for strangers – One which once cost us our home.

By Daniella Djio


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