My August-Not-So-Special-Day Look

By Daniella D.

There was really nothing special about August 6 – it wasn’t my birthday and much less any family members I know of. It wasn’t a holiday as far as I could tell and I didn’t have any ‘special’ event planned on that day. It was just an ordinary sunny day, perfect for experimenting on a new look which revolved around the long curly hair you can spot below.

I was going for a traditional African wrapper look at the beginning, but I settled on the plain blue off-shoulder dress which I can’t deny I am obsessed with. Only my ‘history tab’ can tell how many times I have googled ‘off-shoulder’ dresses and tops. The whole concept of having your shoulder exposed is just, in my opinion, classily cute or sexy.  It exposes little, yet, it gives the illusion that much more is at stake. 
IMG_20160807_134346A little fun story about this dress:

It happened a year ago when I was out shopping with a friend of mine in China. I remember entering into this little store and instantly falling head-over-heels with this “odd dress”-as my friend called it. Despite her dislike for the style, I still went on to try it. After undressing and wearing it, I fell in love. I didn’t want to take it off. I recall bargaining with the vendor for quite awhile before she finally gave in. This might not make any sense to some of you, but if you saw the scene of two black girls bargaining in broken mandarin just to purchase a dress, you wouldn’t help but think it was entertaining.

Definitely good times.


The strappy heeled sandals – another one of my long-term obsessions.

I can’t begin to tell you just how comfy these are. I don’t swear, but if I did, I would swear to the fact that wearing these, is like walking barefooted on a leveled lawn which has no uninvited little insects, animals, and/or stones present. It’s that comfy.

Disclaimer: The same might not apply if the heels were longer than the few inch long heels I have on.


As for the makeup, I just went for a slightly cute complex since it complimented the cute outfit. Wouldn’t it have been odd if I went for a full-on heavy eye shadow makeup?

I also tried not to go too heavy on the lipstick which as you can see, appears faintly orange.


Anyways, there you have it – my August-not-a-special-day look.

And the next time you see a little odd dress in a store and fall in love, do not hesitate…bargaining is key( depending where you are).

Hope you enjoyed this little blog post!

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